What’s in a reincarnation book title?

June 13, 2009

Reincarnation romance - Reincarnation fiction

Reincarnation romance - Reincarnation fiction

I chose my reincarnation novel title for it’s subtlety.  A subtle and suggestive title that makes you look over your shoulder.  Or afraid to look over your shoulder.  *_* But not in a horrifying sort of way.

Reincarnation romance fiction does not necessarily need to be horrifying, it can be enlightening and uplifting.  A calm gentle story about spiritual correctness.

So what portrays a spiritually-correct reincarnation romance about a soul group who are at odds with the way their lives turned out?

If I decided to restructure my new age novel title what would I say?  It is not only about reincarnation of Essenes from the lifetime on Earth of Jesus, but also about a dream interpreter and a psychic and death doula.   A broad scope of personalities.

I would use the words reincarnation or metaphysical somewhere in the subtitle at least.  Romance or Essenes.  Indigo adults. Soul group or soul mate.  Psychic, intuitive or mind reader.  Dream something.

But now it is titled, A Breath Floats By: An Illusion for the Soul.  What does that mean?  Not quite descriptive unless one is looking for a novel about ghosts.  And yes, it is about ghosts in a sense.  Spirits who are at rest but still have a few loose ends to tie up for someone else.  Nothing as dramatic as Ghost Whisperer though the novel, at least,  was written before that drama was aired and of that I am proud.

But the book is mostly about the connections between lives in one dimension to lives in another dimension – whether these lives are the same or reincarnated, lived at the same time in difference places or lived from a basic reincarnation point-of-view.  And it is all about perspective.

The title of a reincarnation book could shout reincarnation, yes?  But I liked the subtle haunting suggestion of the woman’s greatest fear.  The breath floating by.  Which is one of my greatest fears actually.  But whew –  I don’t have to live it.  Never say never.

Back to titles of metaphysical fiction.  The only word that seems to make a statement that is of the real metaphysical recipe is soul.

Everyone wants to know about the soul, the soul group, soul purpose, soul contract, soul awakening, soul rebirth.  We all want to help our soul in making this lifetime worth the living, if not for ourselves then for someone else.

The title  echoes from a reincarnation poem.  James Russell Lowell.  Author.  Poet.  The poem title is The Twilight.  My novel title is ‘A Breath Floats By’ which is first line of this poem – imagine what does that mean?  To be in the room or on the lawn in the deep twilight, alone, but then you are not alone.

A breath floats by, an odor from dreamland sent which makes the ghost seem ‘nigh me of a something that came and went.

No, we are none of us alone though some feel the breath of the other souls and some would rather not know.  I am one, I don’t want to know.  When I have felt that ‘breath’ that floats by I have usually yelled and ordered them away.  I just don’t want to know.  I want to feel protected by my God, to feel that there is someone who is between me and that veil.

Reincarnated soul cluster of Essenes now Indigo

Reincarnated soul cluster of Essenes now Indigo

The dreaming woman in the reincarnation romance – new age novel, A Breath Floats By: An Illusion for the Soul, she brings her dream intuitive gift to the 21st century and is asked to share her life with others, but she is afraid because she must often commune with spirits who have something to share.  They are not evil, they mean no harm, they are not even frightening like most dramas would portray.  But she is frightened of the odor of dreamland sent.  She is so terrified and she will not fulfill her sacred contract yet again.  Besides the terror of being in touch beyond the veil, ther is the reality of what humans can do to one another when they are afraid.  Persecution.  Her sacred dreamwork has cost her too many lifetimes of persecution and loss, horrifying circumstances that leave her quaking at the prospect of being ‘found guilty’ again.

Is this what I, as a writer and dream intuitive and flower essence consultant and holistic guide, am afraid is a possibility for me?  Being involved in everything esoteric, everything vague but very real to me…. this leaves me vulnerable to others.  I must admit concerns.  But I am in the new age of the old age era, the more accepting, less fearful era now.  I can be open now, surround myself with the few who know and love me wholly.  I am okay.  What I am gifted to offer is all right, it is good.  Very good.  There were dreamers in the Bible.

And I believe perhaps I have lived this before, over and over again.  That perhaps I am surrounded by those who support me.  Because….. like in The Twilight by James Russell Lowell…..

…..sometimes a breath floats by me, an odor from Dreamland sent, which makes the ghost seem nigh me of a something that came and went… of a life lived somewhere, I know not, in what diviner sphere.  A something too vague, could I name it, for others to know:  As though I had lived it and dreamed it, as though I had acted and schemed it long ago.

James Russell Lowell’s reincarnation story in the poem is about those who supported him and longed for him.  The romance of life, the connections we are embraced with when we think we are alone and the person of our soul memory comes to speak to us in the sleeping dream.

Who whispers to you?  To me?  That is the romance of life.  The romance of reincarnation books both fiction and nonfiction.

Dream from reincarnation theories are based on every perspective imaginable, we are all unique, all paths unique and blessed for our finest answers.

You are interested in reincarnation philosophy for a reason.  Perhaps you love reincarnation novels because you are opening to a connection awaiting you, do you think so?

If your dreams are speaking to you and you would like to explore reincarnation possibilities, consider dreamwork with or without flower essence support.  Also consider past lives consulting by using flower essences.  I offer all three choices.

Please understand, I do not believe free dream interpretations serve you best.  You need to open more fully to find your own answers.  You need to do the dreamwork, soulwork and pastlife exploration for yourself.

I can guide you to do this if you are feeling sort of lost in your process.

  • I will listen to your dreamwork, stories and soul-searching
  • guide you with suggestions
  • send you personal messages or articles I have written
  • suggest methods for finding your answers
  • tell you where I think you can make changes in touching your dreams in a closer reality
  • and I may have a dream message to share with you at some point

My promise —

  • Whatever dreams you share with me will not be analyzed by a dream interpretation software program.
  • Your conversation via email with me will be a person-to-person exploring of your dreamwork, soulwork and past life considerations as I support you in many ways to find your answers.

Please email and we shall see where it takes us. Whether you are using flower essences for your dreamwork or not, you can use the email contact on my flower essences website.

I share my time and energy with you, you share yours with me through a payment of $50 for the first contacts to get your work started and $10 each one thereafter.

Thank you for considering.

Essa Adams

Please use the email contact at either my ESSA Books or flower essences website.  Thanks!

Flower Essences and Your Past Lives Soulwork

Reincarnation romance - Reincarnation fiction

Reincarnation romance - Reincarnation fiction

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  1. dreamcatcher Says:

    congratulations on this wonderful article Essa!
    here is a tip for easy dream interpretation: if you have trouble remembering your dreams, keep a notepad next to your bed and when you wake up in the morning, write down what you remember as fast as possible, as you get into the habit, you will remember in more detail and you will remember all your dreams.

  2. Gareth Says:

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  3. Olly Says:

    This was well written and well said, thanks! Keep writing. Changing Planes .net

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