Where is Gracie the fake ladybug?

April 2, 2009

If you read Gracie – the Fake Christmas Ladybug last December, you may wonder what happened to her now that she would becoming out of hibernation.  Well, Gracie, it seems, dehydrated while in the tissue-lined envelope in my desk drawer.  I don’t know what those fake lady bugs drink whey are stuck in the wall sleeping all winter, but they must depend on some sustenance.

I don’t mean to sound callous, though I know I do.  But I tried to save her.  I nearly ruined my marriage saving her.  The duct tape is still there to remind me.  And yes, the plastic film is still on all these windows.  Here where we live the plastic is needed to break the freezing wind gusts from the lake until the end of April.  We do uncover some key windows for listening to spring bids in the garden and letting a breeze through the house on warmer days.

And yes, there are many of Gracie’s little sisters trapped in the plastic, some died already.  I feel terrible, really I do.  But if there were any real lady bugs in there – the kind with only five or less spots, I would get them out and take them to a brush pile in the garden, really I would.

Gracie’s story link is on the right menu if you are inclined to know the whole terrible scene.


2 Responses to “Where is Gracie the fake ladybug?”

  1. Dawn Says:

    I’m sorry, I love all creatures furry, scaled, finned and crawly but I cannot stand those fake ladybugs. They are evil. I have been bitten more than once and the last time we drove up north to look at leaves, hike and enjoy nature with the dogs those fake ladybugs were swarming and attacking like demons. They were even in our hotel room! (from which I had us moved but the hotel people didn’t care, they said there was nothing they could do about the bugs in the fall, they were everywhere)

    I can’t stand those little buggers. You tried, it is a life so at least you tried, but those little buggers are evil!

  2. essaadams Says:

    Hey Dawn – good to hear from you. Right now I check for the number of dots to be sure I get the real ladybugs outside to the garden. The rest sort of go in the garbage to ‘forage’ so to speak.

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